Why Less Titles?

Let's take a look at some of the benefits as well as some of the drawbacks of the use of occupational titles in today's society.

The Pros

Job Distinction

Job titles are often used to define an employee's purpose in an organization.

Job Record

Job titles serve as documentation of an individual's role in an organization through various points in time.

The Cons

Skill Quantification

Job titles may limit the growth of employees' skills, and subsequently their roles, by serving as a perceptual boundary on what they can offer the organization.

Role Interference

Activities performed by an employee that are unusual to his or her role may dilute the significance of their primary role in the organization.

Job titles are historically useful: they allow companies to visualize who held what roles at various points in time. However, they should not be revered throughout an organization as a measurement of an employee's worth or an upper limit of his or her organizational usefulness.

Titles often serve as boundaries through which employees' functions or work cannot pass. Eliminate the notion that job titles define an individual's purpose, and you create an environment ripe for innovation and success by removing employees' conceptual (e.g. creativity) restraints.

Short & Sweet

Focus on creating value for yourself and your organization, rather than just fulfilling your duties as outlined in your job description.

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